Christ the King Church exists because of God’s grace and for the sake of His glory. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, we welcome you to join us in our highest privilege— worshiping the Triune God.

The Lord's Service.

We believe repeated worship forms are like a river running over stones, smoothing and shaping them over time.
The rituals of the liturgy become so ingrained in us that they are woven into the very fiber of our identity. 

Covenant Renewal

In the Lord’s Service, the Father renews covenant with His people in Christ and through the Holy Spirit. We receive God’s gifts through Word and Sacrament, and respond in faithful prayer and sacrificial praise, through our Great High Priest, Jesus Christ.

Children in Worship

We delight having our covenant children worship with us. They are part of God’s royal priesthood, just as much as their parents! Jesus singled them out as models for entering the kingdom because of their humble faith, saying “Of such is the kingdom of God!”

Weekly Communion

The supper belongs to all Christians, not just Christ the King Church, and so we invite all members of God’s family to partake with us, as the one body of Christ. If you are a baptized Christian, and not under church discipline—come and feast, celebrating Christ’s victory over sin, death, and Satan.  As heirs of the covenant, baptized children are included in the meal of the Church and welcomed to the Lord’s Table (Covenant Communion). 

Psalms and Hymns

The Psalms are the Bible's hymnbook and the church's first songbook. When we have the words of the Psalms in our minds and hearts, we have words to express every experience of life and teach us to pray as God wants us to pray.
Traditional hymns are rich with biblical theology that engages our minds as well as our hearts, and lets the wisdom of older saints guide us in the modern Church.