Proclaiming the King of kings

and the Lord of lords

Join us this Sunday for worship.

At Christ The King Church, we believe the Church is at the center of God’s work in history and the source of life for the world around us.
Sunday worship at 9am
followed by brunch and Sunday School
We meet at 1223 Grove Road, Greenville, SC
(Grove Road Baptist)

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Join us for Brunch Fellowship after the service (we made extra).

We will enjoy coffee and simple foods, fellowship, and culminate with our Sabbath Singing School

Sunday Schedule

Sunday service at 9am
Sunday brunch at 10:30am
Sunday school at 11:15am

Bible Reading Challenge

We believe that the Spirit of God makes the reading of God’s Word an effectual means of convincing and converting sinners and of building them up in holiness and comfort through faith unto salvation. For that reason, getting in the Scriptures on a daily basis is one of the joys of the Christian life. We love and use the Bible reading challenge linked below.
Please join us in reading Scripture together! And if you miss a day, don’t let that discourage you: just pick up and read for the day you are on.